Top 5 Travel Destination

If you could pack up right now and leave, where would you go?

It always hard for me to list down which country I’d love to visit – same thing goes to favorite food. It’s just too difficult because there are too many beautiful places in the world and I love to wander around new places. I would go travel around the world and write this post afterwards, but since it always fun to imagine about traveling and vacation so let’s do it anyway:

Hong Kong. I’ve visited Hong Kong last year with one of my best friend and we always wanted to go back! Why? The city has leave us with deep meaning just in 3 days. In particular I really love Hong Kong landscape, it gives me an awe how tall skyscraper were built on uneven land surface, great transportation system that quick, convenient, and cheap. On the other side I can stroll around peacefully along a nature trail and historical residential neighborhood. It’s really interesting to find a place that beautifully combine modernity and culture – or commonly known as the Asia vibe. I went to Hong Kong on weekdays and witnessed live their daily life and I feel like belong there LOL. There’s one underground bar that I’d like to visit in Sai Yin Pung area called Ping Pong 129. It’s a gin & tonic bar with urban chic interior and historical nostalgia feel. Apparently they’re just featured in NYC times so I need to come back with bigger luggage – to shop and explore the local urban social life anytime soon.


Japan. I grew up watching Doraemon and Sailormoon, reading Detective Conan comics, drawing Japanese school girl in uniform, and when I’m older Japanese art has become one of my inspiration, last but not least my name has a bit feeling of Japanese. People often mistaken myself half-blood Japanese and I never deny it 🙂 So, it’s pretty obvious why I always wanted to go to Japan. As you already know Japan has distinctive nature’s beauty and modern technology – they got a bold characteristic of The Asia vibe.


I actually just want to write a brief places to visit in Japan, but end up with too many options esp. Japanese food! So let me just list them down without describe it too much (don’t worry, I put hyperlink on each for you to read more):

  1. Shibuya Crossing at Shibuya
  2. Shopping at Harajuku
  3. Marion Crepes and Gyoza at Harajuku
  4. Ichiran Ramen at Shinjuku
  5. Pablo Cheese tart at Dotonbori
  6. Fushimi Inari Shrine at Kyoto
  7. Musashi Sushi at Kyoto
  8. Universal Studio at Osaka (I want to visit the Harry Potter one)
  9. Osaka Castle
  10. Kobe Beef at Kobe – OMG I’m starving just by writing this
  11. Open Air Museum at Hakone
  12. HOT SPRING BATH at Hakone
  13. Gotemba Premium Outlet at Shizuoka
  14. Mt. Fuji
  15. Last one, I’d love to try the local coffee shop, bar, and the night life.

So that’s my list to visit in Japan and I do hope I can make it this year. Ganbatte!

Iceland. Let’s go further to another part of the world located in Nordic Island nation that famous of its dramatic volcanic landscape of geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers and black-sand beaches. The magical beauty of nature scenery is the main reason why I need to visit Iceland, beside that my favorite post-rock band Sigur Ros coming from Reykjavik – capital city of Iceland. Oh I need to tell you their music is magical just like the country. Here are some of places I must visit:

The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa
Landmannalaugar Hiking Trail. Photo by Michele Falzone
The Black Sand Beach
Hallgrimskirkja Church
Aurora Borealis. Photo by Finnur Andresson.

These are just a few of famous places and I would love to stroll around the city with a cup of coffee and let my eyes wander as far as I can see.

United Kingdom. Earlier this year I put one of my dream to continue my study in one of best art & design college here in London, but I failed to get a scholarship (it’s freakin difficult tho!). So I decide to put London in my must visit place for vacation. No need to describe why I love London – I could make an essay lol.

It’s funny how I like the name of London, it’s just unique and all I could imagine are the artsy and dreamy place: Tate Modern, Harry Potter World, British Museum, and more museums!

harry Potter
The new Harry Potter Tour at the Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden, Watford. Diagon Alley PICS BY DAN CHARITY 00447870553537
Agnes Martin Exhibition at Tate Modern

South Korea. Call me late adopter because I started to notice about South Korea just since a year ago. Just like most of the people I’m amazed with how this country developed just like a bomb esp. their entertainment industry and I’d like to explore everything about it and not to mention – THE STREET FOOD! Here are the list of places I want to visit (I put hyperlink for detail information)

Myeongdong Street Food
IMG_8470 copy_zpsj6hc7jap
Common Ground Market, Konkuk University
Korean BBQ Restaurant
IMG_8033 copy_zpssxfwm0zg
Haneul Sky Park
Garosu-Gil chic cafe
IMG_8225 copy_zpss7jrrman
Line Friends Flagship Store, Itaewon
Apgujeong Rodeo Street
Dongdaemun Design Plaza
SMTOWN COEX Atrium – calling all the Kpop fangirls!

And many more must visit places around South Korea. Did I mention about Jeju Island, Nami Island, Mount Sorak, and their Ski Resort? Well you better click the link to find out more!

Finally to summarize my Top 5 places to visit if I could go right now are Hong Kong, Japan, Iceland, United Kingdom, and South Korea. Please click on the picture to get detailed information about the place – I choose some cool blog that could inspire you to visit!



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