Weekly Inspiration Vol. 2

Can you guess the most favorite color in the entire world? A worldwide survey conducted by YouGov reveals that Blue is the most popular color. Not surprise! Well, I’m not gonna speech around the fact but I’m going to collect some inspiration about one color in the shades of blue that I really like that is Pure Blue #0000ff or cobalt blue in common. Remember the days when cobalt blue take over the world of fashion, how cool is that to see people acknowlegde that there is another blue color exist in this big blue world. To be honest, I rarely use this color though I really like it simply because I don’t know what to do with it (actually because it’s too intimidating) then I end up being not creative at all by using the same sky blue, light blue, dark blue as much as I can until I’m bored myself.

The tricky part about this color is actually choosing the second and third color, you have to be careful not to mess it up because once we pick the wrong combination then the pure blue will go straight underground, unnoticed, died. Just like how we see error message in old broken screen.

Here I want to share some great artworks using pure blue as the main focal point that I hope can inspire you to use the color in a nice way.

I’m amazed how these great artist present it in creative and funky way. Super dope! I am inspired and I hope you guys too!




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